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Professional Paint Correction in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Warrington

Why you should consider professional car care.

Paint and glass defects will build up on your car over time, letting down the appearance of your car. These blemishes include:

  • Swirls
  • Cobwebbing
  • Hologramming
  • Deep scratches
  • Bird lime etching
  • Fine scratching

There are various causes for this, such as inexperienced hand car washing, a lack of care and the natural ageing process of any car.



Our professional paint correction service will leave you stunned at the difference in your car. Rather than looking old and tired, it’ll look as new as the day it rolled out of the factory. We pride ourselves in our expertise in this field of professional car care.


We can provide expert paintwork care through using state of the art paint testing equipment. We analyse the surface and use the latest techniques and compounds to Paint Correct all your vehicle’s imperfections. The results are simply breathtaking.


With any kind of paint correction process it’s essential to thoroughly inspect the paintwork before and throughout. We arrive fully equipped with paint gauges, so whether you have heavy swirling or light scratches, we’ll have your vehicle looking brand new once more.

Amongst other paint test apparatus tools, we regularly use:

  • State of the art ultra sonic multi stage thickness coating gauge
  • Gloss meters

Paint Correction Treatment

Our paint correction and rejuvenation is from £120.

Before we start any work, we will make a full survey on your car.

To see if your vehicle has any imperfections, try looking at it in direct sunlight. A car can’t look its best whilst imperfections on the paint surface remain.

We specialise in safely and effectively removing these imperfections. Our Paint Correction process restores paintwork to how it looked upon leaving the factory. Not only does our professional paintwork care restore it back to new, sometimes it can look even better.

After we’ve carefully inspected the paintwork, we start to level your paintwork by 1000th of an inch. Throughout the process, we continually monitor the paint using specialist equipment.

Once the paintwork has been re-levelled, light will reflect crystal sharp. Your vehicle will have no imperfection, and its colour will be enhanced. For your peace of mind, we then make further paint profundity tests.


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